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Welcome to the Photos page.  Trek Bike Photos, Our Photos, Shop Photos and Your Photos will be displayed in this section... Send your action on the trail photos for our site to!
Some of our customers leaving Black Bear Bike with their new Trek Bicycles.  Our Bike Shop offers more for your riding comfort and safety and fits your bicycle to your body type and size.
Always travel safely and wear a helmet.  Trek cycle helmets make the difference.  Vents let air flow through, and because of superior engineering, Trek's helmets, like all helmets sold in America, must pass rigid tests before qualifying to be sold.  Trek helmets are an admired piece sporting safety equipment.
Shannon - With Her Chocolate Ice Cream Smile Says:
"You don't have to be faster than the bears, just faster than the hikers!"
(Background photo from the Black Bear Bike 1st Annual Ladies Ride 11-18-07 at Stewart's Tree Service farm.)
An un-named Cutie with a BBB bear
Riley in her brand new
pink safety helmet after getting her new Trek MT 220, Brooksville, Florida USA
Anke with her new Trek Navigator 2.0, Brooksville.
Cindy with her new Trek Lime, Spring Hill.
David with his new Trek 7.3 FX, Brooksville.
Donald with his new Trek 7100, Nobleton.
John with his new Trek 4500, Brooksville.
Matt with his new Trek 4300, Brooksville.
Mike with his new Trek Navigator 2.0, Brooksville.
Robert with his new Miami Sun Adult Trike, Brooksville.
Robert with his new Trek 4.5 Madone, Spring Hill.
Suzanne with her new EZ-3, Brooksville.
Barbara with her new Trek Wasabi Surfrider, Luisville.
Cari with her new Trek Navigator 1.0, Homosassa.
Nelson with his new Trek 7200, Spring Hill.
Jean & Joe with their new Trek Pure's, Spring Hill.
Katie with her new Trek Navigator 3.0, Spring Hill.
Melissa with her new Trek 6700 WSD, Brooskville.
Mike with his new Trek Navigator 2.0, Homosassa.
Sandra with her new Trek Pure, Homosassa.
Shawn with his new Trek 6500, Brooksville.
Linda & Ray with their new Trek 1.5 road bikes, Hudson.